68 Hello Kitty Coloring Pages (Free PDF Printables) (2024)

Get whiskered away into a world of cuteness with these 68 Hello Kitty coloring pages that are all free to download or print! Hello Kitty, known for her iconic bow and charming personality, has been a global sensation since her creation in 1974, capturing the hearts of millions worldwide!

For this series, you will find Hello Kitty in a variety of adorable scenes, from tea parties, picnics, at the beach, dressed as a princess, and Hello Kitty having playdates with her lovable friends like Pompompurin and Cinnamoroll! Whether for kids or adults, these printables are sure to provide hours of fun!

68 Hello Kitty Coloring Pages (Free PDF Printables) (1)

To get started, click on any of the below images or links, which will open the PDF coloring sheet in a new tab. From there, you are free to download, print, or even color digitally on an iPad.

All of these coloring pages are on standard US letter size, but they also fit perfectly onto A4 paper sizes too! Enjoy!

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My Melody



Hello Kitty Holding I Love You Heart

Hello Kitty Winking Coloring Sheet

Kawaii Unicorn Hello Kitty Coloring In For Kids

Princess Hello Kitty In Flower Field

Happy Birthday Hello Kitty Coloring Page

Cute Hello Kitty Wearing Polka Dots

Hello Kitty Enjoying Picnic

Hello Kitty And Pusheen Selfie Coloring Page

Easter Themed Hello Kitty Wearing Bunny Ears To Color

Boba Hello Kitty Coloring Page

Coloring Sheet Of Hello Kitty And Mimmy In The Pool

Simple Hello Kitty With Hearts Outline Coloring Sheet

Butterfly Hello Kitty Hugging Mushroom To Color

Coloring Page Of Hello Kitty With Butterfly Wings

Hello Kitty Flying Kiss

Hello Kitty With Flower On Her Head

Hello Kitty With Present And Christmas Tree Coloring In

Hello Kitty Playing On The Beach With Dear Daniel

Jack-O-Lantern Hello Kitty To Color

Hello Kitty Kissing Dear Daniel On The Cheek To Color In

Hello Kitty’s Princess Party Poster

Waitress Hello Kitty Serving Cake Coloring Sheet

Kawaii Coloring Sheet Of Hello Kitty Sanrio

Valentine’s Day Hello Kitty Coloring Sheet

Outline Of Hello Kitty Holding Flowers

Mummy Hello Kitty Coloring In For Kids

Simple Hello Kitty Mandala Coloring Page

Hello Kitty Waving

Hello Kitty Riding Bike On The Beach Coloring In

Hello Kitty Ice Skating In Winter

Hello Kitty Holding Candy Cane On Christmas

Hello Kitty Dancing Hula

Hello Kitty Playing In The Pool With Friends

Hello Kitty Riding Unicorn

Hello Kitty With Pompompurin And Cinnamoroll

Hello Kitty Using Parasol Coloring In

Hello Kitty Hugging Teddy Bear

Hello Kitty Happy Birthday Greeting Coloring In

Hello Kitty And Joey On The Beach

Hello Kitty Carrying Birthday Cake

Goth Punk Hello Kitty

Princess Hello Kitty Coloring In For Kids

Kawaii Christmas Wreath Of Hello Kitty’s Face

Halloween Coloring Page Of Witch Hello Kitty

Coloring Sheet Of Hello Kitty With Valentine’s Day Card

Hello Kitty And Pusheen On A Cloud

Hello Kitty Eating Apple To Color

Cute Unicorn Hello Kitty For Preschoolers

Hello Kitty And Mimmy Making Christmas Snowman

Coloring Sheet Of Hello Kitty Holding Strawberry

Emo Hello Kitty Outline For Kids

Happy Birthday Hello Kitty With Cake

Hello Kitty Halloween Coloring Sheet

Hello Kitty Collecting Easter Eggs Coloring Sheet

Easy Hello Kitty With Crown And Sash For Preschoolers

Frankenstein Hello Kitty Coloring In

Coloring Sheet Of Winter Hello Kitty Fairy

Goth Hello Kitty Coloring Page

Coloring Sheet Of Hello Kitty Sanrio In A Field

Cute Kawaii Fairy Hello Kitty

Cute Coloring Page Of Hello Kitty Holding Heart

Coloring Sheet Of Hello Kitty Holding Heart Balloons

Easy Hello Kitty Mandala To Color

Christmas-Themed Hello Kitty Coloring Sheet

Hello Kitty Mandala Coloring In For Kids

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9 Craft Ideas To Do With Hello Kitty Coloring Pages

Hello Kitty has endured for decades as a favorite of many youngsters.

If your child has Hello Kitty pages that need to be put to good use, try these easy, inexpensive crafts!

1.Hello Kitty Wallet

This craft begins with a simple template from which to make an envelope from the Hello Kitty finished coloring page. When completed, the inside should be lined with pink felt.

The lining doesn’t have to be perfect; just two simple squares of felt and some crazy glue is sufficient.

The outside of the “wallet” can then be sealed on either side in contact paper, and a button and makeshift buttonhole can be used as its clasp!

2. Make a Homemade Flower Vase

Start this craft by cutting Hello Kitty from the finished page with the head separate from the body.

Vertically position an empty paper towel roll, gluing the head to the front top and laminating the remainder of the roll with the rest of the page.

A white, curled pipe cleaner creates a funny tail, and fancy toothpicks and a yellow pom-pom are ideal for a nose and whiskers.

Seal the craft with acrylic spray, inside and out, place it in a small glass candle holder, and enjoy this Hello Kitty flower vase.

3. Design a Glamorous Hand Mirror

For this craft, use a coloring page featuring a full-size Hello Kitty face. Once it’s colored and cut out, glue it to the back of an inexpensive hand mirror.

Use black pipe cleaners for whiskers and red puffy paint to make Kitty’s bow.

Using craft glue and a brush, add a very thin coating of glue to the finished craft and shake pink glitter over the entire surface.

Glue on black buttons for eyes, and your youngster has a glamorous Hello Kitty hand mirror!

4. You Are Now Crowned Kitty of the Year

Begin this cute craft by cutting out a simple crown from the poster board and stapling the ends together.

Next, let the youngster color and cut out several Hello Kitty characters.

The fanciest one should be glued to the crown’s center, and the others should be used to decorate the remainder.

Pink and red pom-poms glued around its base and a red construction paper bow glued on at a jaunty angle are perfect finishing touches.

5. Make a Unique Desktop Ornament

For this craft, Hello Kitty pages should be colored and used to laminate four bathroom tissue cardboard rolls. These should be positioned vertically and glued together in a row.

Hello Kitty’s face should be colored, cut from a separate page, and glued to the roll on the left.

Pink pom-poms are perfect as feet, and a piece of white yarn makes a great tail.

When wiggle eyes are added, your child has a cute organizer in which to store pencils, scissors, crayons, and markers.

6. Design an Adorable Window Ornament

Begin this craft with a three-inch strip of pink poster board, about twelve inches in length.

Staple 4-5 pieces of pink yarn to the strip’s base. String large craft beads onto the yarn, making a knot at the bottom to keep them in place.

When a corresponding number of Hello Kitty characters have been colored and cut out, they should be glued to the craft beads.

A string can be added to hang this adorable ornament in a window!78. Sparkly Hello Kitty Art

Begin this fun craft by painting an inexpensive picture frame with pink craft paint.

Next, have the youngster color a Hello Kitty page, trimming it to fit the frame.

In the space around the main character, glue tiny craft beads in pink and white to create a textured background.

Add white glitter to Kitty’s face and red glitter to her bow. Finish up with “Hello Kitty” in white puffy paint at the bottom, and your youngster has sparkly, framable art!

7. Make an Unusual Cake Topper

For this unique craft, have the youngster color three Hello Kitty faces of the same size.

From red construction paper, the child can then trace and cut three red bows, placing them in between the face cutouts in a vertical pattern.

These should be glued together and attached to a small craft stick. When sealed in contact paper, it becomes a delightful cake topper for any occasion.

8. Hello Kitty 3D Card

This easy craft requires only the coloring page and some red posterboard from which to make a homemade card.

The card should open from the top rather than from side to side. When the card is complete, the child should color and cut out the Hello Kitty character.

The cutout should be folded accordion-style in a vertical pattern, with one end taped to the card’s top portion and the other to the bottom.

A personal message can be written inside; when it unfolds, Kitty is saying “hello” in 3D!

9.Hello Kitty Decals

Hello Kitty coloring pages are perfect for making decals. These can be used to decorate anything from diaries and bike helmets to the inside of a locker door.

Once the characters are colored and cut from the page, they should be sealed in contact paper and adhesive squares attached to their backs.

Other items from the coloring pages, such as Kitty’s bow or other accessories, can be used to make smaller stickers.

This way, the youngster can decorate a surface with an entire creative scene!

68 Hello Kitty Coloring Pages (Free PDF Printables) (70)
68 Hello Kitty Coloring Pages (Free PDF Printables) (2024)


Is it legal to sell coloring book pages I have colored? ›

It's legal to sell coloring pages that you've created yourself: the artwork is yours. It's also legal to sell completed coloring pages that you've colored in yourself.

What color is Hello Kitty? ›

Sanrio depicts Hello Kitty as a British anthropomorphized white cat with a red bow and no visible mouth. According to her backstory, she lives in a London suburb with her family, and is close to her twin sister Mimmy, who is depicted with a yellow bow.

How to print coloring pages? ›

If the pages are a jpeg picture file, then simply print right from your browser, or right-click the picture, save it to your desktop, open it on your computer and print from there. However, if it's a pdf file, then you will need to download a program like the Adobe Reader.

Do I need to copyright my coloring book? ›

The first question you may have is, "Do you have to copyright a coloring book?" Blank coloring pages and artwork pages are considered to be protected artwork. If you are going to copy the designs found in a coloring book, you are violating copyright laws.

Is there money in selling coloring books? ›

Designing, printing, and selling coloring books can be a profitable side income or even a full time living. We show you what you need to do, from getting an idea for your book to making your first sale. One of the most popular and profitable genres in the self-publishing industry is the coloring book.

What is Hello Kitty's real name? ›

In honor of the beloved character's 50th birthday, here are some verified facts about the Hello Kitty character that the folks at Sanrio have shared over the years: Her full name is Kitty White.

What race is Hello Kitty? ›

Is Hello Kitty a cat or a girl? ›

"Hello Kitty is not a cat," she said, citing Sanrio. "She's a cartoon character. She is a little girl.

Can you make your own coloring pages? ›

Make Printable Coloring Pages. Use PicMonkey's printable coloring pages maker tools—including images, graphics, and text—to help you create amazing designs. Impress any age coloring enthusiast and get your art supplies ready for one-of-a-kind creations.

Is there an app to create coloring pages? ›

Colorscape transforms any photo or image into outlines to make detailed coloring pages or Colorscapes. And you can create colour-by-number pixel art from your AI designs and your photos also. Export your Colorscapes via PDFs or create a bespoke coloring book to send to family and friends.

What is the best printer to print coloring pages? ›

Laser printers are the best kind of printer for printing coloring pages, though at the outset they can be more expensive than inkjet printers.

How to turn a picture into a coloring page for free? ›

With Fotor, you can turn photos to coloring pages for free within a few clicks. Coupled with advanced coloring and sketching tools and powered by AI, without complicated manual operations. You could turn picturess into coloring pages of various kinds.

Can you make coloring pages on Canva? ›

There are more than 300 coloring page templates on Canva so you can start inspired.

How many pages should a children's coloring book be? ›

Typically, a coloring book is anywhere from 16 to 60 pages, with black-and-white interior line art, like the page above from Joni McCracken's Color Your Essence.

Can you sell coloring pages on Etsy? ›

Printable coloring pages are one of many types of digital products you can sell on Etsy. Digital products are one of the best ways to make money online because once you've created the product and listed it for sale, there's no limit to how many you can sell and how much money you can make.

How to make money with finished coloring pages? ›

I have started listing coloring pages for download on Etsy. Some coloring page artists are making a lot of sales doing this, and it's a lucrative way for artists to make some extra money. You just create a digital file of your coloring page, and list it on Etsy.

How much does it cost to copyright a coloring book? ›

You automatically own the copyright to your book for free the moment you write down the text. If you want the added legal benefits of registering your copyright, you must pay at least a $45 fee with the US Copyright Office to go through the process.

Can you sell coloring books made on Canva? ›

You can't sell any Canva content on a standalone basis. Creating an original design means using Canva Content with a combination of design elements (e.g. images, videos, audio files, other media, text, illustrations, background features, etc. ) and editing techniques to make a "new" creative work.


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