7 Days To Die: 13 Best Mods That Improve The Game (2024)

The beloved survival, horror, and crafting game, 7 Days To Die, has a flourishing modding community, as the game has been in Alpha since December 2013. Modding by fans has inspired the development of the game in some shape or form with every major update.

With development ongoing, and hundreds of mods to choose from, it can be difficult to find the best mods out there, even on sites like Nexus Mods. To help you search for the best 7 Days to Die mods, we'll be looking at some of the most useful ones to improve your game.

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Updated May 11, 2022 by Ritwik Mitra: 7 Days to Die is a pretty engaging survival game where players need to scrounge up supplies in a world that has been rocked by the zombie apocalypse. All of the preparation that goes into fortifying settlements and improving weaponry becomes very useful at the end of each week when a horde of aggressive zombies descend upon you and force you to utilize everything in your arsenal to take care of this threat. It's a great game that any fan of high-stakes survival gameplay will have a great time with.

What makes 7 Days to Die even better is its immense mod support, with people going above and beyond in developing a slew of great mods that can augment the game even more. The best of the bunch are mentioned below for everyone to check out and download for their own copy of the game.

15 Bdub's Vehicles

7 Days To Die: 13 Best Mods That Improve The Game (1)

Roaming around in one of the many vehicles present in 7 Days to Die is a blast. Gasoline might be a finite resource, but most people don't mind using it if it means that their options of traversal are improved significantly. However, a small complaint that some people might have about the vehicles in the game is that their options are a bit too finite, which can make vehicular traversal somewhat of a challenge.

However, with the Bdud's Vehicles mod, the sheer number of vehicles that players can access in the game sees a massive increase. It's a mod that has been going on for quite some time, with each update stabilizing this mod for the latest Alpha release while also ensuring that the supply of new vehicles is ever-present.

Download Link: Bdub's Vehicles (A20)

14 HUD Plus

7 Days To Die: 13 Best Mods That Improve The Game (2)

The heads-up display of a survival game is imperative to ensure that players can keep track of all their survival metrics and ensure that they don't suffer a premature game over. However, there's no denying the fact that more and more gamers are seeking out minimalist UIs so that they can get immersed in their games without constantly fretting about a bunch of metrics either. As a result, games need to walk a fine line between both sides so that players can be relayed the information they want without it feeling too cluttered.

While the vanilla 7 Days to Die does a decent job of integrating such a HUD, there are some players who are bound to demand more. This is where the HUD Plus mod comes into the picture, allowing for more information to be relayed to the player while still maintaining a sense of minimalism when it comes to the UI. Players who aren't really digging the vanilla UI of the game will definitely be well-serviced by the HUD Plus mod!

Download Link:A20 - AGF - HUD PLUS

13 Extend Turret Active Range

7 Days To Die: 13 Best Mods That Improve The Game (3)

Sometimes, finding a turret can be the difference between dying or surviving on horde nights, especially early-game. However, one inconvenient requirement of turrets is that the player has to be standing quite close by in order for the turrets to activate, and they will deactivate if the player steps out of this range. The higher the turret level, the further away the player can stand without the turret deactivating.

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Extended Turret Active Range helps remedy this downside by doubling the size of a turret's active range. While this doesn't change the diminishing returns provided from the Robotics tree, this mod does make the first two ranks far more appealing. You can find their new effective ranges below:



  • Nothing: 10 Blocks
  • Science Projects: 14 Blocks
  • Basic Robotics: 15 Blocks
  • Automated Weaponry: 16 Blocks
  • Advanced Robotics: 17 Blocks
  • Robotics Expert: 18 Blocks
  • Nothing: 20 Blocks
  • Science Projects: 28 Blocks
  • Basic Robotics: 30 Blocks
  • Automated Weaponry: 32 Blocks
  • Advanced Robotics: 34 Blocks
  • Robotics Expert: 36 Blocks

Download Link: Extended Turret Active Range (by LordHesbic)

12 More Skill Points Per Level

7 Days To Die: 13 Best Mods That Improve The Game (4)

Intelligence tab of the skill menu in 7 Days to Die

One of the most fun things to do in 7 Days to Die is working out a build for yourself and spending your skill points - it's one of those instant dopamine hits for anyone coming from a background in RPGs.

This mod will make it so that you get more skill points per level and comes in nine different flavors, from two points per level all the way up to ten. This way, you can fine-tune just how quickly you want to develop in the game.

Download Link: More Skill Points Per Level (by Flak)

11 Grow Crops Without Farm Plots

7 Days To Die: 13 Best Mods That Improve The Game (5)

It can be a bit tricky to start farming in 7 Days To Die, as crops need to be planted in Farm Plots. You need a decent bit of materials just to craft one of them:

  • 4 wood
  • 10 rotting flesh
  • 25 nitrate powder
  • 100 clay soil

It can be both tedious and time-consuming to gather all of these materials just for one plot, not to mention multiple plots, and time is not something to be wasted with a blood moon always looming around the corner. Thankfully, that's what this mod is for.

Grow Crops Without Farm Plots removes the need for Farm Plots, making it possible to plant seeds into the ground, so players can start farming as soon as they acquire seeds. Now you can grow a small garden without having to farm for nitrate powder or collect hundreds of rotting flesh.

Download Link: Grow Crops Without Farm Plots (by fatrap)

10 Lucky Looter AIO

7 Days To Die: 13 Best Mods That Improve The Game (6)

Player about to scrap an empty can in 7 Days to Die

This mod will cut out a lot of frustration when you go looting for crucial supplies, and it does this in a quite natural way. It gives certain loot containers and locations a higher chance of having more of the items you want from them.

For example, looting a hospital with this mod should provide you with plenty of medical supplies, and those huge food crates should similarly contain quite a lot of food.

Download Link: Lucky Looter AIO (by 13erserk)

9 QuickStack

7 Days To Die: 13 Best Mods That Improve The Game (7)

Any mod that streamlines unnecessarily long processes is ideal when time is of the essence. This mod allows players to deposit items into nearby containers straight from their inventory without ever having to open the containers.

The deposit radius is 9x9x9 cubes, so you won't be able to deposit items from halfway across the map. This mod is extremely useful when you have multiple containers set aside for different materials, and you just need to drop some items off at your base before going on your way.

Download Link: QuickStack (by Westwud)

8 Firearms Expansion 4

7 Days To Die: 13 Best Mods That Improve The Game (8)

If you love using firearms in 7 Days to Die, this mod is for you. Firearms Expansion 4 is the fourth mod in a series that looks to expand upon the pre-existing arsenal of guns available in the game. It also expands upon the gun tier system by having at least one new model for each tier; for example, there are two basic pistols, the Colt38 or the Beretta NANO, and the first Tier 1 pistol is the Colt1911.

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This mod does more than add new weapon models. A new suite of special weapons has also been added for players to obtain. A minigun, railgun, grenade launcher, and flamethrower are just a few special weapons this mod added. These weapons should shift the endgame more in your favor.

Download Link: Firearms Expansion 4 (by Smadol99)

7 Electricity No Wires

7 Days To Die: 13 Best Mods That Improve The Game (9)

Using the Wiretool in 7 Days to Die

Setting up an electricity grid is a big part of the mid-to-late game in 7 Days to Die, and wires are possibly one of the most annoying things about it. We all want our turrets and light to work, but having wires dangling everywhere isn't a good look.

This mod will completely hide wires when you do not have the wiretool equipped. This is super-handy if you're fussy about the aesthetic of your base or just find them annoying.

Download Link: Electricity No Wires (by ocbMaurice)

6 SMX Modlets

7 Days To Die: 13 Best Mods That Improve The Game (10)

As the game is still in Alpha, much of the game's UI is very much a work in progress. SMX, which can be split into three separate modlets, aims to add some polish to the game's user interface.

The first modlet focuses on the main menu, adding an eerie red and black forest to the background and turning the menu buttons red, applying a spin to the iconic red and black design of 7 Days To Die. The second modlet focuses on giving the HUD a more horror-like and gritty art style, as well as adding useful information such as altitude and temperature. Lastly, the third modlet brings this art style over to the rest of the interface, as well as making inventory and crafting instructions clearer and creating a bigger inventory.

When you use all of these modlets together, you get a user interface that does justice to 7 Days to Die's superb setting while also enhancing its functionality. If you've ever been frustrated about the game's UI, give one of these modlets or the entire package a try.

Download Link: SMX (by Sirillion)

5 HDHQ Overhaul

7 Days To Die: 13 Best Mods That Improve The Game (11)

Only the plant and particle modules of this mod work for Alpha 19. Keep an eye out for an update when A20 releases.

The core of HDHQ Overhaul makes changes to lighting and textures to create a more realistic and immersive environment for the player, with optional modlets adding biome overhauls, biome particle effects, biome plants, additional items, additional gun skins, and vehicles.

With both 2K and 4K options, the visuals in this mod are stunning, and the changes to lighting create more realistic reflections and seamless transitions from one biome to another.

Download Link: HDHQ Overhaul (by DUST2DEATH)

4 Ztensity's Unnecessarily Beautiful But Immersive (UBBI)

7 Days To Die: 13 Best Mods That Improve The Game (12)

Although there are many building materials and placeable objects in 7 Days To Die, for a crafting game, it lacks the ability to craft an aesthetically pleasing home. If you were hoping to create a beautiful base, then this is the mod for you.

Not only does this mod add modern features such as working showers, PCs, and TVs, but you can also use beds in the same way you can use bedrolls, instead of beds acting as purely decorative items. It adds a massive range of craftable items and building materials to the game for you to create your ideal zombie-proof home.

Download Link: Ztensity's Unnecessarily Beautiful But Immersive (by Ztensity)

3 VanillaPlus

7 Days To Die: 13 Best Mods That Improve The Game (13)

VanillaPlus looks to expand upon the feel of the vanilla gameplay while also adding unique features. Here are just a few features:

  • The ability to scrap ammo into their base materials
  • Harvestable zombie guts
  • Master skills
  • More players per vehicle
  • A Murder Axe that swings like a sledgehammer
  • Bee flowers that give honey
  • Plantable birds nests for eggs and feathers

And that's just the tip of the iceberg. If you want to expand virtually every aspect of 7 Days to Die, VanillaPlus has you covered.

Download Link:VanillaPlus (by RilesPlus)

2 The Wasteland

7 Days To Die: 13 Best Mods That Improve The Game (14)

No doubt inspired by the Fallout franchise, The Wasteland mod brings Raider, Soldier, and Mutant NPCs, the iconic Nuka Cola, and Fallout-inspired weapons, armor, and locations to the game.

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If zombies were not enough of a challenge for you, the wasteland will now have enemy NPCs with their own melee and ranged weapons, making exploring the vast maps even more of a danger. If you're a big fan of the Fallout franchise, this is the mod for you.

Download Link: The Wasteland (by bdubyah)

1 Better Homes And Worlds - Complete Collection

7 Days To Die: 13 Best Mods That Improve The Game (15)

This mod is the complete collection of all Better Homes and Worlds mod series, each adding a substantial amount of content to 7 Days to Die. We'll give a brief overview of what each mod in this collection adds.

Army Surplus introduces new army gear, weapons, recipes, and schematics. Down on the Farm adds new ways to farm crops as well as a Chicken Coop and Animal Traps. Power Plant gives the player more ways to power their builds with electricity. Nuts & Bolts adds recipes that make necessary components craftable. Hoarder provides more storage space in containers and vehicles.

Modern Cooking introduces more "Campfire" blocks such as working Ovens, Stoves, Grills, and Microwaves. Reinforced Doors adds, well, reinforced doors, as well as reinforced windows. Signage lets the player craft and place all the signage already existing in the vanilla game, such as road signs, shop signs, and trader signs. Fashionista brings more color and makes all current items of clothing craftable. Finally, Indoor Plumbing allows the player easy access to water from inside their own home.

Download Link: Better Homes and Worlds - Complete Collection (by Nuvar)

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7 Days To Die: 13 Best Mods That Improve The Game (2024)


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