How to find and beat Longma in Blox Fruits (2024)

Longma may be one of the easiest bosses for farming since he has lower HP, but there's a bit of a process to track him successfully. Beating him can earn you the Tush*ta sword, so here's how to do it!

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Blox Fruits Longma Boss Guide

Longma is one of the easiest bosses to farm since he has less health than most other bosses, and he has a chance to drop one of the best swords, the Tush*ta. It's well worth knowing where you can find and defeat him for those reasons. While fighting him may not be too difficult, tracking him down proves to be a bit of a challenge in itself, and that's because it will require you to solve the Torch Puzzle first.

Longma Location in Blox Fruits

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Longma is located on the Floating Turtle Island, which, as appropriately named, is shaped like a giant turtle. You can find him more easily on the island by first locating the Previous Hero NPC. This Rabbit NPC is right near the Colosseum Arches, as marked in the image above. Longma is conveniently found through the door close by behind the Previous Hero. However, you can only get through this door after completing the Torch Puzzle. It's recommended that you be level 2,000+ to continue.

How to solve the Torch Puzzle in Blox Fruits

This puzzle can only be completed in several steps and requires you to head to three locations. The three main steps to completing the puzzle and getting to Longma are as follows:

  • Summon the rip_indra raid boss with a God's Chalice (if you haven't defeated him before, you're going to want to so that you have Portal access)
  • Enter a special portal within Hydra Island while rip_indra is summoned
  • Teleport back to Floating Turtle through the special portal and use the Holy Torch to light all torches in order


How to summon Rip_Indra Raid Boss in Blox Fruits

The first step to this puzzle is summoning the rip_indra boss, which is quite the task in itself. To summon him, you're going to need a God's Chalice first. The Chalice can be collected in three different ways: defeating Elite Pirates, looting a random chest, or praying on a Gravestone NPC at the Haunted Castle. When you have the God's Chalice, head to the Castle on the Sea in the Third Sea. Here is where you'll be able to summon the boss.

To get inside the temple, you'll need to press three different colored buttons: red, white, and pink. They are found in the locations spread around the area, as shown in the image above. However, you'll need to wear the matching Auras while pressing them to activate it. These are the Auras you'll need:

  • Snow White Aura - White Button
  • Pure Red Aura - Red Button
  • Winter Sky Aura - Pink Button

Once all the buttons are pressed with the proper Auras, the temple will open, and you can head inside. Then, place the God's Chalice on the pedestal to the right of the entrance to finally summon rip_indra.

Where to find the secret portal on Hydra Island in Blox Fruits

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Once rip_indra has been summoned, don't worry about fighting him. Instead, head right out and make your way to Hydra Island. Here, you'll need to locate the special portal that is now open. Head to the bottom of the waterfall and continue on straight through it. You should see a door at the very end of the hall. You'll need to break through it using a physics-breaking move and keep dashing into it to break through.

Through the door is a room filled with ghosts. You might need to kill the ghosts before continuing so they don't bother you while you do your climb. Start making your way to the top of the waterfall. Use the picture above to help navigate. Just like how you enter the bottom of the waterfall, enter the top of the waterfall, and you should see another giant door. If it's glowing, you can enter inside; if not, rip_indra must be summoned again. Enter the glowing door to be teleported and move on to the final step of the puzzle.

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How to light all the Floating Turtle torches in Blox Fruits

Once you step through the special portal from Hydra Island, you will be teleported back to Floating Turtle, but you will have a Holy Torch. A timer for 5 minutes will also begin as soon as you teleport. Your goal is to light all the torches using your Holy Torch, but you must do so in order.

Use the image above and these tips to help locate and light them in the proper order (the black circle is the starting point). There are 5 torches in total and here's where to find them:

  • 1. Pink Torch - On an archway/bridge
  • 2. Red Torch - On the archway of a broken bridge
  • 3. Green Torch - Within a pineapple house
  • 4. Orange Torch - On a wrecked ship near the Mythological Pirates
  • 5. Cyan Torch - On a house near the Forest Pirates

If you've lit all of them before the timer runs out, you should see a prompt pop up saying, "Well done. You may enter my hideout now." Now, you can finally enter the door near the Previous Hero NPC and locate Longma.

How to beat Longma in Blox Fruits

Now that you've finally found Longma, you can begin to fight him. You'll want to have some fast attacks at the ready, and if you're going for the Tush*ta sword, ensure you go in solo. You can only get a Tush*ta drop if you do 100% of the damage to Longma.

Longma is able to heal every 5 seconds if he isn't taking damage, so constantly hit him to avoid regenerating. You can also hop up on the grass platforms to try to avoid his hits and get into a location where he can't reach you. This is the best way to grind out the battle without taking too much damage in return.

Longma Drops

Once Longma is defeated, there are a few different possible drops you can get from him, including that amazing sword. Here's a look at everything:

  • $20,000-30,000
  • 1,500,000 XP
  • 50,000 Bounty or Honor
  • Tush*ta Sword

Now that you have access to Longma, you can keep farming him to receive more bounty and XP or keep trying to get your Tush*ta Sword. He has a quick respawn time of around 30 minutes after defeating him. Good luck!

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How to find and beat Longma in Blox Fruits (2024)


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