Nier Replicant: 10 Things To Do After You Beat The Game (2024)

Nier Replicantis a one of a kind RPG with one of the most unique post-games in the medium. New Game Plus doesn’t just add new content to the game, it fundamentally changes how Nier’s story plays out. Nier Replicant is ultimately a subversion of RPGs, twisting familiar genre conventions at just about every turn.

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Beating Nier Replicantonce is only the tip of the iceberg and dedicated players better strap in for a lengthy post-game. Between seeing all five endings and playing through everything the game has to offer, Nier Replicantis one of the densest games of 2021. Major spoilers for Nier Replicant.

10 Route B

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Nier Replicant’s first playthrough is referred to as Route A, with the first cycle of New Game Plus being Route B. Where Route A shows the story from Nier’s perspective, Route B details what the Shades are going through. All Shade dialogue is subtitled on Route B, extending to boss fights as well.

Route B’s Shade dialogue adds a very uncomfortable tone to the story, recontextualizing intense battles from Route A into straight up murder most of the time. Route is the other side of Nier Replicant’s story and essential to appreciating the full scope of the game’s themes.

9 Swap The Soundtrack

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Nier Replicant has an outstanding soundtrack, but completing the game once unlocks an alternative score. By going into the options menu at the title screen, players can change the soundtrack to an arranged version from Nier: Automata. Every track in Replicant is replaced with one from Automata.

While this could potentially harm some of the story’s emotional nuance, the arranged tracks are so carefully considered and well placed that Automata’s score stands out just as strong as Replicant’s remixed music. It’s worth replaying Nier Replicant in full if only for the Automata replacement soundtrack.

8 Unlock Every Weapon

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For players who want to see every ending Nier Replicant has to offer, they’ll need to collect every weapon in the game. Different One-Handed Swords, Two-Handed Swords, and Spears can be obtained by completing side quests, purchasing them, or finding them. While collecting every weapon is a relatively simple task, Replicant added another major step.

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With The World of Recycled Vessel now a part of the base game (unlocked upon completing New Game Plus), players must obtain all three Fool’s weapons locked by the former DLC. It’s recommended to be at least Level 33 to get all the weapons, so you might need to wait until the end of Route B.

7 Route C

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After finishing Route B, Nier Replicant transitions to Route C. In the original release, Route C only changed the ending. In the remake, Route C changes the fight against Louise and adds new cutscenes fleshing out Devola & Popola’s relationship. Thematically, Route C sets up threads that more intimately link Replicant to Automata while fleshing out the complex nature of Shades through Louis. You should also be strong enough by Route C to defeat Louise early, changing the ending to the fight entirely.

6 Ending E

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Adapted from the companion book Grimoire Nier, Nier Replicant adds in a fifth ending set after the events of Ending D. Upon completing D and erasing all your data, start a new file and play up to the second fight with Hook at the Aeria (roughly 2-3 hours in). From here, control will swap from Nier to Kaine and the story will skip forward three years from the end of Ending D.

Route E doesn’t last too long, but Kaine has her own unique move set and there are a ton of Shades to kill in the Northern Plains. Yonah also has new diary entries that highlight what’s been going on since Ending D. Just as importantly, Ending E eventually introduces threads that directly tie Replicant into Automata.

5 Upgrade Every Weapon

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Trying to upgrade every weapon in Nier Replicant can feel like an exercise in futility with just how much grinding for materials you’ll eventually need to do. It’s also not necessary for max completion and the game isn’t so difficult where weapons need to be upgraded. That said, Nier Replicant’s Weapon Stories make upgrading each one worthwhile.

Every weapon in Nier has its own short story that grows with each new level (capping out at four entries for four levels). Replicant’s Weapon Stories are some of the best written parts of the script and are worth unlocking for hardcore fans. Just expect to dedicate some time to the process.

4 Cultivate The Legendary Flower

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The Lunar Tear is a legendary flower in Nier’s world and an important piece of symbolism in the context of the story. In Gestalt, the Lunar Tear granted wishes. In Replicant, the Lunar Tear grants riches. In both versions of Nier, the Lunar Tear is a symbol of enduring hope in a dying world.


Nier ends up growing one for Kainé in-between the time skip, which she wears for the rest of the game. By splicing together the correct seed combinations in their garden, players can actually grow their own Lunar Tear (called the White Moonflower). It’ll take several real days to grow along with plenty of patience, but it’s rewarding to finally cultivate your own Lunar Tear.

3 Collect Every Word

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The Word Edit system adds a layer of customization to Nier Replicant’s combat. Words are equippable buffs which influence your weapons, magic, and martial arts. Two Words can be equipped per weapon, offering different bonuses from extra damage against Armor to status effects.

The only issue with the Word Edit system is collecting all of them. There are several Words in Nier Replicant, some only found in specific areas and with pitifully low drop rates. Collecting Words is something only the most dedicated fan should do, but it’s the safest bet of adding some longevity to your playthrough.

2 Get 100% Side Quest Completion

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100% completion can feel like a fool's errand in Nier, especially since players clearly aren’t meant to strive for it. Most side quests in Nier Replicant feel like commentary on the nature of JRPG side activities, particularly in regards to how mundane and repetitive they can be. Where Nier’s side quests stand out is in their writing and storytelling. While you’ll need to put in some real effort, going for 100% side quest completion will flesh out the world so much that you’ll walk away with an even deeper appreciation of Nier.

1 Play Through Hard Mode

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Nier Replicant’s difficulty curve is arguably the game’s weakest aspect. Normal mode eventually becomes too easy if you even bother to do anything outside the main story and Hard mode buffs enemy health to the point of frustration – unless you know how to make use of all the mechanics. Between lunge attacks, charge attacks, and smart Sealed Verse usage, Nier Replicant’s Hard mode is a fantastic display of what players can do in-game. That said, getting through Hard in one piece requires genuine mechanical mastery and a firm understanding of everything Nier can do during combat. Parrying, Sidestepping, and aerial combos take on a world of importance in Hard.

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Nier Replicant: 10 Things To Do After You Beat The Game (2024)


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