Property Tax - Telfair County Tax Commissioner (2024)

Property Tax - Telfair County Tax Commissioner (1)

Property Tax

Pay Property Tax

Real and Personal Property

Property taxes for real and personal property are generally mailed in December and due 60 days after the billing date. Partial payments on taxes are accepted, but after the due date interest accrues at a rate equal to prime +3% and a 5% penalty is added every 120 days up to 20%. Real property includes tax on land and improvements. Personal property refers to tax on furniture, fixtures, tools, inventory, boats and equipment used in the operation of a business.

Intangible tax is collected by the Clerk of Superior Court.

Please contact our office at (229) 868-6545 with any questions you may have concerning taxes in Telfair County.

Mobile Home Information

Decals for Mobile Homes

Georgia law requires ad valorem taxes be collected on mobile homes. As with motor vehicles, a current renewal decal must be displayed on the mobile home. Decals are distributed to the taxpayer upon receipt of payment.

All mobile homes must display a current mobile home decal. These annual decals can be obtained in the tax sections of this office and are provided upon payment of ad valorem taxes each year. Tax bills for mobile homes are generally mailed in January and are due by April 1.

Obtaining Your Mobile Home Title

Mobile home owners obtain their mobile home title from the Telfair County Tax Commissioner’s office.

To obtain your mobile home permit please visit the Tax Assessor’s office at 91 Telfair Ave. Annex 2. Phone 229-868-2896.

Timber Tax Information

Timber Tax Terms

Lump Sum Sales– The Report of Timber Sale or Harvest (form PT-283T) must be completed by the purchaser. The seller must remit to the purchaser, at the time of sale, a negotiable instrument for the taxes due. The purchaser must remit the taxes and this form to the Tax Commissioner within five business days of purchase. The purchaser must also give a copy of this form to the Board of Tax Assessors at the time of remittance. The purchaser is personally liable for the tax if it is not paid by the seller. Seller and purchaser must sign Form PT-283T.

Unit Price Quarterly Report–Purchaser must complete, sign, and submit two copies to seller and one copy to Board of Tax Assessors within 45 days after end of quarter. Seller must sign and submit one of the copies to Tax Assessors within 60 days after end of quarter. Seller will be billed by the Tax Commissioner for taxes due.

Owner Harvest– Owner must complete and submit one copy to Board of Tax Assessors within 45 days after the end of the quarter. Ad Valorem taxes shall be paid by the landowner as provided in subsection (h) of O.C.G.A. 48-5-7 (h) and shall be calculated by multiplying the 100 percent fair market value of the timber times the millage rate applicable for the previous calendar year.

Tax Levy Sale Information

Properties For Sale

Tax Levy sales are conducted by the Telfair County Tax Commissioner for unpaid State, County, and Board of Education ad valorem taxes under the provisions of Title 48, Revenue and Taxation, Official Code of Georgie Annotated (O.C.G.A.), Governing Tax Executions and Sales; and Title 9, O.C.G.A., governing Judicial Sales.

Properties scheduled for sale are advertised in The Telfair Enterprise for four consecutive weeks prior to the sale. The sales are conducted on the first Tuesday of any given month immediately following the final week of advertising.

Sales are held during the hours of 10:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. at the Telfair County Courthouse, 128 E Oak St McRae-Helena, GA 31055.

Sales are open to the public and a list of properties is available in the Tax Commissioner Office, 91 Telfair Ave. Annex 1, GA 31055. As tax liens are satisfied, properties are removed from the list.

The county does not guarantee title, and the purchaser has no use of/access to the property, nor is entitled to any rent payments for at least one year under Georgia Law.

Successful Bidders

The successful bidder must be ready to pay the bid amount in cash or certified funds to the Tax Commissioner immediately upon conclusion of tax levy sale. Tax sale bids are binding in accordance with O.C.G.A. 9-13-170.

Excess Funds

Excess Funds are funds that are remaining after paying taxes, costs, and all expenses of a tax sale made by the Tax Commissioner. These funds are held in escrow and are available to the entitled parties in the order of priority in which their interest exists. Excess Funds are subject to priority claim by the mortgage or security interest holder.

Submitting A Claim

A written request is required to claim Excess Funds. Said request should be submitted to:

Telfair County Tax Commissioner
91 Telfair Ave. Annex 1

McRae-Helena, GA 31055

Property Tax - Telfair County Tax Commissioner (2024)


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