The Newest Meevo 2 Features with our Spring 2021 Release (2024)

The return of warmer weather spells one of the most exciting times of the year for MSI and our clients – the first Meevo 2 product release of the year!

What amazing new features and enhancements have been added to Meevo 2 with our Spring 2021 release? We sat down with Andrew Clarke, MSI’s VP of Product Development, to find out all the latest updates to Meevo 2 and what they mean for our clients!

Q1: What’s new with Meevo 2 since the Fall release of 2020?

We recently added our Meevo Marketing suite as a built-in solution included with every Meevo 2 subscription. Meevo Marketing is comprised of Email Marketing powered by Emma and an Online Presence Management solution.

The Email Spa Marketing platform lets you create customized client communications, build automated campaigns, use preloaded templates and industry images, create segmented customer lists, conduct A/B testing, view advanced analytics, and much more.

Our Online Presence Management solutions allow you to control your digital business listings, see and reply to customer reviews submitted through various sites including Google and Facebook, improve local search engine optimization (SEO) and view your businesses online presence analytics with amazing dashboards– all helping you improve your online visibility and discoverability to attract more clients to your business.

Additionally, 5 service packs followed the Fall release that included additional new features such as the ability to manually merge client profiles, new reports, and performance improvements. We also fixed some bugs within Meevo 2 to further improve the user experience. Please review the release notes for more information within the “?” button in Meevo and selecting Walk-Through Help.

Q2: What is coming to Meevo 2 in the Spring 2021 release?

As always, we actively listen to our clients and their enhancement requests submitted through our Ideas Portal. There are over 1700 votes and 150 ideas that will ship with this release! Here are a few of the great enhancements added with the Spring 2021 release, but there are so much more. Please check the release notes for a complete list of what has been added.

Form Builder

You no longer need a web developer to build custom forms in Meevo 2! You can now create your own Docs & Forms and Client Intake Forms! Simply drag and drop fields into a blank canvas while also having the ability to customize labels, fonts, images, and more!

Yield Management

This new feature allows you to adjust pricing for appointments booked on specific days, with specific employees, and even for specific services automatically. For example, you can create programs that increase pricing during peak times or reduce pricing for non-peak times.

QuickBooks Desktop Integration

This integration has been in beta with several businesses for the past few months and will be made available through the MeevoXchange shortly after the Spring release. We currently offer QuickBooks Online in the MeevoXchange, so the desktop integration will be for businesses still using the installed version of QuickBooks.

Multi-Location Enhancements

We have added several new features and upgrades to Meevo 2’s salon booking software specifically for our multi-location clients. Businesses can now transfer on-hand product quantities from one location to another, view stock level configurations, and set recommended model quantities and order points across locations. Clients can also enable a multi-location payroll setting for businesses with employees working at multiple locations but pay them from a home location.

Inventory Improvements

Some of the updates made for Inventory include enhancements to purchase orders, inventory counts, and the ability to enable on-hand quantities to reflect negative values.

Online Booking Improvements

Along with enhancements to Inventory, we also made a few updates to Online Booking. You can now let your clients book from history, reschedule their appointments, and select add-on services that will add additional time or enable it so that a client is required to select from a set of add-ons.

Q3: What does the future roadmap look like for the rest of 2021?

In addition to what’s been added to Meevo 2 with our Spring 2021 release, we have so many more amazing features and integrations coming later this year, including:

  • Meevo B.I. App: A new app for employees, managers, and owners that provides quick access to key performance indicators (KPIs) and compares stats to previous date ranges, between employees, and by locations!
  • Payment Plans that will allow clients to make monthly installment payments for high-priced packages or services.
  • Enhancements to Online Booking that will improve the look, feel, and user experience.
  • Adding Sales Ranking to Central Office so that multi-location businesses can compare and rank sales across locations.
  • ADP Workforce Now Integration will be available to complement the existing ADP RUN integration. The Workforce Now integration is typically used by businesses with more than 50 employees.

With each release, we evaluate and include many of the ideas that our users have submitted in the Ideas Portal. Submitting ideas, voting, and commenting on existing ideas help shape the priorities of our roadmap and the design of the features we deliver to you. The Ideas Portal will send you notifications as the status of your idea gets updated or when a new comment has been added. The Ideas Portal can be accessed by going to Meevo > Help > Community Site.

And if you’re interested in more details about our Spring 2021 release, you can watch our on-demand webinar by going to Meevo > Help > Community Site and look for Meevo 2’s Spring Release in past webinars.

Thank you for being a part of the Millennium family, and we look forward to always providing you the necessary tools to help grow your business.

The Newest Meevo 2 Features with our Spring 2021 Release (2024)


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