Top 10 Best 7 Days to Die Mods That Make the Game More Fun! (2024)

Ready to revamp the 7 Days to Die gaming experience? A classic horror survival game, with one main objective: survive. Luckily there are some amazing mods available to make the adventures and challenge to survive more fun.

How to Install Mods:

Step 1. Download the file and unzip.

Step 2. Select the 2 folders (mods and data) and copy the folders.

Step 3. Paste the folders in the 7 Days to Die main directory. Usually looks like: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\7 Days to Die

That’s it! You should now be able to play with the mod of your choice.

10. Medieval

The medieval mod brings in many new fantasy features. Do you love dragons, elves, and all things fantasy? Bringing zombies and knights together has never been cooler.

Medieval Mod gameplay and break down.

How the mod makes things more fun:

  • Class systems like Dragon Rider or Knight. Medieval mod offers a completely new dynamic for players.
  • Dragons! Everything about this mod is a work of art, and step into one of the many dungeons and see why.
  • Castles! Why not be the king or queen you have always wanted to be, even if you’re fighting off hordes of zombies?

Get the mod here-

9. Gnamod

Gnamod gameplay

Gnamod aims to create more of a challenge for the player. If you feel like you enjoyed the base game on its own, but needed something more difficult, this mod is ideal.

How the mod makes things more fun:

  • The Gnamod mod is the most similar tothe vanilla game, but with a few new modes to play with. Hoard mode, nomad mode, and necropolis – they add a whole new story line to the game.
  • You will have to become extremely self-sufficient in order to survive Gnamod. The game is made more difficult through aspects besides making zombies stronger. This sets it apart from the other mods.
  • No more easy hordes, allthe Day day 7, 14, & 21 will be equally difficult.

Get the mod here-

8. Fennec

Playing Fennec Mod 1.1

The Fennec mod offers a cool new system that sets it apart from the rest of the mods – specialization. Instead of a class system with levels, you specialize in the area you choose and are extremely good in your specialization.

How the mod makes things more fun:

  • Specializations in many familiar class systems ranks like carpenter, crafter, builder, and many others. If you’re setting a goal to get somethingdone, this is extremely useful.
  • Quests tailored to your specialization.
  • Deadlier feral and radiation zombies- zombies can see you much farther away with this mod and are much stronger than in the vanilla game.

Get the mod here-

7. Valmod Overhaul

Gameplay of the complete Valmod pack

Valmod was created by Valmar and comes in an Overhaul pack or Expansion pack. Overhaul pack is ideal for players who want a whole new experience while gaming.

Valmod Overhaul basically changes everything that you may be used to, from tools to quests to weapons. It’s almost like playing an entirely new game, which is awesome for those of us who have become bored with the same old features.

How the mod makes things more fun:

  • Expanded cooking recipes and survivor notes with recipe perks. Cooking is crucial to your survival, might as well make it enjoyable!
  • Who says an apocalyptic world can’t have electricity? With this overhaul pack you get working electric lights, ovens, and sinks.
  • Plenty of upgraded features: new plant farming, new storage containers, weapons and weapon mods (silencers, scopes), tools, armor, clothes and quests.
  • My personal favorite: hidden doors. Discover bunker locations and drawbridges. It brings a whole new life to the game!

Get the mod here -

6. Darkness Falls

Break down and gameplay of Darkness Falls mod

Darkness Falls mod offers a fun new class system with 6 quests each. This mod has an increasedzombie respawn rate as well as zombies coming “mostly at night”.

How the mod makes things more fun:

  • Great for those who enjoy the original game! A lot of features from that beginning era, like Hub City.
  • Gun crafting. Going back to the beginning era of the game, you need the rare Lathe to craft guns, creating more of a challenge.
  • 7 Day hordes have less game stages, so feral zombies appear sooner, making the game that much more difficult.

Get the mod here-

5. Undead Legacy

Gameplay of Darkness Falls

If you’re a fan of Fallout this mod is the one for you! Undead Legacy is inspired by Fallout and features a huge amount of different loot to find as well as different ways to craft items.

This mod features 770+ new items and 47 collectible perks. It provides a great new scenery for players.

How the mod makes things more fun:

  • Zombies are stronger than ever. This mod makes the game more of a challenge, ideal for an experienced player.
  • Because there are so many new items, it gives the player a chance to figure out what they can all do. All the new items make crafting a lot more enjoyable!
  • The longer you play, the more food will perish, so it can be challenging to scavenge for food. You are less likely to find fresh foods as time goes on.

Get the mod here-

4. Ravenhearst

7 Days to Die modded- Ravenhearst gameplay

Ravenhearst is one of the more challenging mods, which of course if you’re up for it, makes the game a lot more exciting.

Many aspects have changed in this mod which can make it more difficult like needing to have an advanced fire to make complex recipes. You need an advanced forge to craft more complex items. Infection is deadlier.

How the mod makes things more fun:

  • An option for a 21-day blood moon! This gives you plenty of time to prepare for zombie hoards and gives you more time to build and craft.
  • With this mod, you can apply electric charges to your fences. Makes for a very fun way to kill zombies.
  • Decorations! This mod offers clean furniture, TVs, holiday items, and a few more cool items for your place of residence.

Get the mod here-

3. Starvation

Break down and gameplay of Starvation

The starvation mod adds a much-needed challenge for players. Not only that, it provides much more realism and fun to the original game.

The mod is called “starvation” because of the food spoilage and plague aspect of it. However, the new animals, zombies, and bosses, makes it all worth it.

How the mod makes things more fun:

  • You arecan make your character insane. Which is a fun new twist to any boring old infection or illness.
  • There are a lot more things to kill you! This mod has been said to be one of those most challenging of all the 7 Days to Die mods.
  • Dog taming and special pets. For all my fellow animal lovers!

Get the mod here-

2) True Survival

True Survival mod gameplay

The true survival mod is similar tostarvation in many ways,but has a few key differences. In the true survival mod, you get to choose one of many different “professions”, doctor, cop, soldier, chef, etc.

Although the two mods are similar, each have their own distinct characteristics that make them that much better.

How the mod makes things more fun:

  • Stimulants. This is an interesting one- your character can get addicted and experience withdrawal from stimulants.
  • In the true survival mod, you can no longer predict the zombie’s behavior. Each zombie varies. This makes thingseven more challenging!
  • The “Dead is Dead” feature, the player loses 10 wellness each time they die, and when the wellness runs out, well dead is dead... you can’t spawn back into the game with that character.

Get the mod here-

1. War of the Walkers

The War of the Walkers- 7 Days to Die modded gameplay

The War of the Walkers mod is extremely fun and challenging, full of back to back action. There are tons of great features in this mod that will really surprise you and keep you wanting more.

Luckily- this mod is the gift that keeps on giving. New enemies, new loot, new drinks, the possibilities seem endless!

How the mod makes things more fun:

  • There are other survivors among you that won’t attack you, but will attack zombies, bandits, and wildlife. Your own army!
  • In addition to helpful survivors, there are bandits that WILL attack you. With this mod you get new and improved health items like vitamins and leg booster shots to help protect your character.
  • New UMA bosses with special loot – Housewife Marianne, Builder Bob, and many others. New zombie hoards and zombie spiders.

Get the mod here-

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Top 10 Best 7 Days to Die Mods That Make the Game More Fun! (2024)


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