Las Vegas Monorail Buy One Get One Free 2022 (2024)

1. Las Vegas Monorail Deals

  • Oct 26, 2022 · The best way to get deals on Las Vegas Monorail tickets is to purchase an eTicket online through the Monorail website. Las Vegas Monorail ...

  • Details about discounted Las Vegas Monorail tickets, where to buy Monorail tickets, and information about Monorail stations.

2. Discounts - Las Vegas Monorail

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  • When you purchase a Las Vegas Monorail ticket, you get more than just the best transportation option on the Strip. Unlock exclusive offers and discounts with our Show Your Ticket & Save program!

3. See Las Vegas Monorail Ticket Pricing

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  • See which Las Vegas Monorail ticket option is right for you. Save more with multi-day passes. Start your journey at any of the seven Monorail stations.

4. Las Vegas Monorail Announces “Show Your Ticket and Save ...

  • Oct 16, 2023 · With its new promotion, “Show Your Ticket and Save,” guests who purchase a monorail pass will receive access to discounted tickets to ...

  • LAS VEGAS – The Las Vegas Monorail, one of the most convenient modes of transportation along the famous Las Vegas Strip, has announced the newest way to save on experiences in Las Vegas. With its...

5. Las Vegas Entertainment Events & Info | LV Monorail

6. New Discount eTicket Fares - Las Vegas Monorail

  • Oct 1, 2022 · Las Vegas Monorail ; One-Ride One-Ride. $6, $5.50, Buy ; 1 Day Pass Unlimited. $15, $13.45, Buy.

  • Details about updated fare prices for the Las Vegas Monorail including information about discounts on etickets.

7. Is the Las Vegas Monorail Free?

  • Riding the Las Vegas Monorail isn't free, but you can score a deal on tickets via its new eTicket prices for unlimited-ride passes. The Las Vegas Monorail ...

  • Las Vegas Monorail shares details about the three free trams along the Las Vegas Strip, as well as information about discount eTicket rates.

8. Las Vegas Convention Center Transportation - AIMExpo

  • Feb 21, 2024 · Take Advantage of Monorail Discounts for AIM Expo! Make sure to purchase your discounted tickets at –for the ...

  • Las Vegas Convention Center Transportation LAS VEGAS MONORAIL Let the Las Vegas Monorail be your Transportation Solution! The Las Vegas Monorail provides a quick and reliable transportation alternative for leisure and business travelers on the Las Vegas Strip. Directly connected to several Strip resort hotels as well as the Las Vegas Convention Center,

9. Ride with Us - Seattle Center Monorail

  • FREE. Buy Tickets at the Monorail. Tap and Pay. with an orca card. How To Use ORCA at the Monorail. 1. Go straight to the faregates (no need to wait in ...

  • Use your ORCA card or Buy Tickets from the Monorail ticket vending machines at both Seattle Center Station and Westlake Center Station.

10. VEGAS MONORAIL & RTC SYSTEM - Las Vegas Best Hotel Deals

  • They are non-related systems offering a FREE quick way to get you up and down the Las Vegas Strip. Monorail/Tram Stations Tram #1 Mandalay Bay – Luxor – ...

  • THE LAS VEGAS MONORAIL ...TRAVEL THE STRIP ON THE MONORAIL & ENJOY SPECIAL DISCOUNTS....            For a Convenient Transportation option over the Busy Weekend,  Las Vegas Visitors can hop on the   LAS VEGAS MONORAIL, which offers seven stations along the Strip. Riders can take advantage of eTicket discounts on unlimited-ride passes starting at $13.45 for a 24-hour

11. Transportation & Event Access in One Badge - Las Vegas Monorail

  • Jan 25, 2023 · What venues can you get to with a Las Vegas Monorail ticket? · MGM Grand · Flamingo Las Vegas Hotel & Casino · The LINQ Las Vegas · Horseshoe Las ...

  • Las Vegas Monorail integrated tickets combine event access & transportation on one pass. Include Monorail passes for all guests and more.

12. Despite rumors, the monorail isn't going anywhere … for now

  • Apr 9, 2024 · The Las Vegas Strip casino introduced a new tier in its loyalty program, and visitors will need to reach at least that tier to receive unlimited ...

  • Contrary to social media rumors the Las Vegas Monorail remains on track to transport riders in the resort corridor well into the near future, according to tourism agency that owns it.

13. Las Vegas Monorail Discounted Ride Passes Now Available

  • SEMA Showgoers who want to stay close to monorail stations are encouraged to make their hotel reservations while rooms are still available. With a total of ...

  • SEMA Showgoers who want to stay close to monorail stations are encouraged to make their hotel reservations while rooms are still available.

14. myVEGAS - Facebook

  • May 17, 2022 · The Las Vegas Monorail is a quick and ... ➡️ Buy One, Get One 1/2 Off Two Day Pass ... Collect FREE Chips: https://myvegas.jckpt. me ...

  • ראה/ראי פוסטים, תמונות ועוד בפייסבוק.

15. Las Vegas Monorail Discounts

  • May 1, 2022 · May 1, 2022 June 10, 2022 Alan Losoff. The Las Vegas Monorail is offering Las Vegas Chess Festival attendees exclusive fare discounts. Use ...

  • The Las Vegas Monorail is offering Las Vegas Chess Festival attendees exclusive fare discounts. Use the Monorail to travel the Strip and to the tournament without the hassles of traffic and wasted time. Be sure to purchase your tickets before the festival as the discounts are available for a limited

16. The Las Vegas Monorail: Everything You Need To Know -

  • Jun 27, 2022 · Nevada residents can purchase single-ride tickets for $1. Children under the age of five can ride for free. Las Vegas Monorail Stations. There ...

  • Las Vegas has its own city railway system, in the form of the Las Vegas Monorail. Statistics show that the Monorail has hosted over 90 million riders since

17. Travel to Las Vegas - 2024 NAB Show

  • Purchase in advance or stop by an Assisted Registration counter to purchase your monorail ticket. NOTE: You will not be able to use your connected monorail pass ...

  • From transportation tips to an overview of everything you can experience in Las Vegas, we’ve got you covered.

Las Vegas Monorail Buy One Get One Free 2022 (2024)


How much does it cost to ride the Monorail in Vegas? ›

Select Ticket Quantities
Ticket TypePrice
Single Ride$USD 5.50
24-Hour Pass$USD 13.45
2-Day Pass$USD 23.75
3-Day Pass$USD 29.95
3 more rows

Are they getting rid of the Las Vegas Monorail? ›

Despite rumors, the monorail isn't going anywhere … for now. Contrary to social media rumors the Las Vegas Monorail remains on track to transport riders in the resort corridor well into the near future, according to tourism agency that owns it.

Does the Las Vegas Monorail go to the airport? ›

Since the Las Vegas Monorail only runs along the Las Vegas Strip, it does not have a stop at the nearby Harry Reid International Airport.

Can you ride the monorail for free? ›

Can anyone ride the monorail at Disney World? Yes! The Walt Disney World monorail is completely free and is open for any guest to ride without a ticket. Just know that you may have to pay for parking if you're looking to park and ride.

Is there a free shuttle from the Las Vegas Strip to Fremont Street? ›

Yes, the Downtown Loop is free and stops at several exciting attractions in Downtown Las Vegas, including Fremont Street and the Arts District.

Does the monorail take you to Fremont Street? ›

Does the Monorail go to Fremont Street? The Las Vegas Monorail stops at the South Strip. To get to Fremont Street, take one of the shuttle buses such as the Downtown Loop.

Is the Bellagio tram free? ›

The tram is free and runs between the Park MGM, Aria and Bellagio Hotels.

Does the monorail go to the Strip in Las Vegas? ›

Whether on vacation or visiting Las Vegas for a meeting or convention, the Monorail makes your trip to Las Vegas even more enjoyable, saving you time without the hassles of traffic. Riders can conveniently navigate the Las Vegas Strip in less than 15 minutes at speeds of up to 50 mph.

How long does it take to ride the Las Vegas Monorail from one end to the other? ›

The ride takes about fifteen minutes to travel its total distance of 3.9 miles (6.3 km). The monorail generally runs behind the eastern Strip side hotels and casinos, a long block away from the Strip. Usually, it requires a walk through a casino to get to the Strip, emerging upon the Strip in front of the property.

Are there two monorails in Las Vegas? ›

There are Three FREE Las Vegas Monorails on the West Side of the Las Vegas Strip . These three FREE monorails are owned and operated by Casinos on the West Side of the Las Vegas Strip.

Is there a free shuttle from airport to Las Vegas Strip? ›

Yes, there are free shuttles that go to the Las Vegas Strip. They operate on a first come, first served basis, so you should plan accordingly. If they fill up with people, then you will be out of luck and will have to spring for the cost of a taxi.

What is the cheapest way to get from Las Vegas airport to the Strip? ›

The RTC Airport Bus at McCarran International Airport (LAS) is a very convenient way to get to the Las Vegas Strip from the airport as it operates every 15 minutes and takes you directly to your destination. Moreover, it is the cheapest way to get to your Las Vegas hotel.

How much is an Uber from Las Vegas airport to the Strip? ›

The average price for this trip is $23. Open the Uber app and input The Strip, Las Vegas NV in the “Where to?” box. The price estimate for each ride option will appear; scroll to see what's available. Prices will vary based on time of day and how many riders are making requests.

Is there a free trolley on the Las Vegas Strip? ›

The Las Vegas tram system is an easy and free way to get around the Las Vegas Strip. There are a total of three trams that serve Las Vegas: Mirage-Treasure Island Tram, Aria Express Tram, and the Excalibur-Luxor-Mandalay Bay Tram.

How to get around Las Vegas for free? ›

How to Get Around the Las Vegas Strip Free
  1. Mandalay Bay to Luxor to Excalibur Free Tram. There are free trams that operate on the Las Vegas Strip on the south end that are free and easy to use. ...
  2. Bellagio to Aria to Park MGM Free Tram. ...
  3. Mirage to Treasure Island Free Tram. ...
  4. Las Vegas Monorail Map and Schedule.

Is there a free shuttle in Las Vegas? ›

The Downtown Loop is a free shuttle servicing the exciting attractions in downtown Las Vegas including: Bonneville Transit Center - First Street, South of Bonneville Avenue. The Arts District - Art Way and Boulder Avenue. Arts District South - Main Street, between California and Colorado avenues.

Is the Mirage tram free? ›

Check on property for schedule changes. Cost: Free.


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